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2015 completed work

Happy New Year 2016!


Progress shots... almost done, need some weathering. Hope to finish it this year.

99th Gebirgsjager Regiment, Caucasus 1942

...and done!

1st SS Division LSSAH - Ardennes 1944

My latest work from Life Miniatures. Full gallery soon...

U-boat crew

Next project finished!

Arn the Knight Templar

My latest work from Young Miniatures: Arn the Knight Templar. Full gallery soon.

WIP - Templar Knight

Some progress shots of my latest work. The bust need some finishing touches.

The shield:

Add some blood splatter:

Polish Lieutenant - 2nd Podhale Rifles Regiment

My latest work. Bust from Siskin Miniatures More photos soon...

Jeffshiu's Miniatures - WSS East Front

Manufacture: Jeffshiu's Miniatures
Scale: 120mm
Material: resin

WIP - prelude

new stuff on the workbench!


Back to painting...

New Galleries

Dodałem fotki do galerii. Zapraszam do obejrzenia. Pictures are available in gallery.