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WIP - Chevy

Browning was mounted

...and added a little dust

WIP - stowage for LRDG

Done! I painted the stowage for LRDG from PanzerArt. Sculpted by Paweł Leszczyński.

WIP - 2


New project - LRDG Chevy diorama

New project. The LRDG Chevrolet. Old Tamiya kit wit PE and some scratches. Stowage and wheels from PanzerArt. Hope to finish it soon, and start making a small diorama.

WIP - Italy 1945

My latest work. Back to painting small dio. Jeep Willys, figures are done! Also I added cat to the dio.


some stuff:

the cat and dio:


WIP - the base

Back to making a small diorama with polish troops. Some progress shots


Kurland Kessel 1944 - 11.SS-Frw.Pz.Gr.Div. Nordland

I'm back with photos of the finished new vignette. Soldiers from 11.SS-Frw.Pz.Gr.Div. Nordland during a battle in the Courland Pocket 1944
Figures are from Jeff Shiu's Miniatures, 120mm

WIP - the base

The base is done!